Old Iron Garden Tractors

The Trojek Family Antique Garden Tractor Shed

Welcome to the Trojek family's antique and vintage garden tractor shed.  We are old iron garden tractor enthusiasts whose goal it is to enjoy, to preserve and to promote these amazing pieces of history and technology.  We are primarily interested in garden tractors from the mid-1960s and earlier, particularly the oddball brands that are long out of business.

On this site you will find many pictures of past and present garden tractors in our collection, information on some lesser known Canadian brands, antique garden tractor paraphernalia, and pictures of the collections of some of our friends and acquaintances.

We are always looking for antique garden tractors to add to our collection.  If you have something that you would like to sell that you think we may be interested in, or know someone who has something that you think we may be interested in, please contact us.  Some brands that we are looking for are Shaw, Gard'n Mast'r, Tiger, Panzer, Gibson, Mighty Mite, Jaques Frazer, Bantam, Haney, Ottawa Mule Team, Mayrath, Quaker Mule, Atomic Babe, etc.  There were a whole lot of brands between the 1930s and the 1960s, so this is only a short, partial list.  If you are wondering, just ask.

Feel free to contact us for anything and everything antique garden tractor related.  We'll try to help in any way we can.

Thanks for looking, and enjoy the site!


Paul's Gibson Collection

Here is the beginning of my friend Paul's Gibson collection, aka "The Gibson Guy".  There will be many more pictures of Paul's Gibson collection to come in the very near future, but here is his story in his own words, as well as a few pictures from his humble beginnings.  Check back later for pictures of his many beautiful tractors.  Also, if you are looking to sell a Gibson, particularly a Gibson Model I, talk to Paul!  It will go to a good home.

Here is Paul's story in his own words:

My journey into Gibsons started luckily by accident. When I retired in 2003 I had a barn full of projects  (classic car and truck, 3 snowmobiles, 2 motorcycles, 3 riding lawn mowers, 2 McCormick-International tractors and more)  that I'd saved over the years to be fixed up or restored at my leisure, but for some reason I couldn't get motivated to start on any of them and actually to my and my wife's surprise, began selling  them  off one by one!  A   rusty, dusty Gibson "Model D" tractor  that had sat buried in a corner of the barn was last to go, and I dragged it out to just clean it up and sell it to someone who might  fix it up and treat it better  than I had for the last  25 years. Well I'm not sure how or why it happened, but  by about 3 months later I had totally dismantled it and ground it down to bare metal and then painted and re-assembled it and was quite proud of it sitting there in the barn, when my wife said that  since only 4  people had ever seen it restored, was it going to be stuck in the corner of the barn again for another 25 years - why not "expose it to the world". I thought about it and since I only live  5 kms. from the annual "Marshville Heritage Festival", I foolishly told her maybe I should bring it there and show it, although I didn't really think I would. Well she held me to it and I brought it there and it was  such  a hit with the show-goers and I had such a great time talking with people that had  either never seen one before or it reminded them of one back in their younger days on a farm or orchard. So due to the fact that I had such a great time over  those 3 days( and the fact  that a fella at the show asked if I'd be interested in another Gibson tractor- which I picked up the  very next day!) I was on my way to becoming the self proclaimed "Gibson Guy". Since then my wife, my dog (Gibby) and I have travelled many, many thousands of kms. over Ontario and into the U.S. searching for and "rescuing" Gibsons  of all different sizes and conditions ( some  were in good shape and some were just a  trailer full of parts - plus we  met many other  "Gibson Guys") and many weekends bringing them to the local shows ( I started with just the one and lately I've been bringing eight Gibsons -whew) That's about all for my story of how my hobby turned into a habit that turned into a mild obsession and now it's almost full blown insanity, but it's what I love to do every day and will continue to do, because I see no end in sight. I may eventually  have too many to bring to the shows and I can't just pick  a some of my "favourite ones", because they're all special in some way with their own story of how they came to be here. So someday I'd like to have a building  at home devoted to my Gibsons and people could come here to enjoy my Gibson experience. Thanks, Paul.

There will be many more pictures to come, many more of his extensive collection.  It will be worth the wait!